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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's, or Frequently Asked Questions, are shared here in regard to roles and permissions on this site (what people may do), and site controls (how things work).

Do you have a Skype Account?

Of course we have a Skype account! However, due to an increasing number of interruptions to our workday through this and other instant messenger types of services, we no longer publish our contact information openly. Please register on our site and use our Contact page to schedule an Internet conference.

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How do I contact someone?

The contact information we provide to the public is summarized on our Contact page. Users wishing direct contact with another party must use the Private Messaging system housed within this site. Keep in mind, access to this is limited for most persons and someone may choose to disable the reception of such messages. Whenever a Private Message is sent, an e-mail notification is sent to that user so they know they must come to the site to read it. Users are reminded to check spam folders for the presence of such notices on a regular basis.

We, as a firm, will never reveal anyone’s e-mail address in keeping with our stated Privacy Policy. Complaints made about such messages must, therefore, include a copy of it along with details about who wrote it, etc.

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What is a Profile?

The term Profile refers to the collection of personalized settings associated with the account of someone registered on this site. Logged in users may reach this area at any time by clicking on the My Account link showing in the left-hand column under their username. This is where someone can change their e-mail address or password, as well as define other controls or settings that affect the display of content and subscriptions (e-mail notifications). To alter any of these settings, click on the proper tab or link showing along the top. Depending on how long it has been since your last login, you may be asked to verify some information previously stored before changes can be made. When someone does change their e-mail address, we do send a confirmation message to both the old and new address about the change.

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Where are your RSS News Feeds?

RSS Feed IconFor those wishing to track content postings by RSS News Feeds, look for the orange feed icon located throughout the site (see left). There are separate feeds linked to:

At the moment, we are having trouble including images within feeds. We are also having trouble with having the feed icon display within pages to which on is attached. Hopefully these issues, and others, will soon be resolved in the coming site re-build. Over time more feeds may be added as the structure of our site evolves.

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How can I get e-mail notifications about new or updated content?

This section is intended to help those new to our site understand our subscription system used to send out e-mail notices about fresh or updated content. Those registering on the site indicating they are blog fans, for example, will have a subscription of that type created for them when new accounts are approved. However, users can adjust those settings at will. There is even an option to suspend notices for a short time for those going on vacation.

To reach your subscription settings, login to your account and click on the My Account link found in the left-hand column under your username. Click on the tab for Subscriptions. The first page is the Overview page containing a summary of all active subscriptions regardless of type.

There are 4 general categories for subscriptions:

  • Pages/Threads are connected to individual pages or threads within the forum or elsewhere on the site.
  • Blogs are for subscriptions to individual blogs. (The content type subscription for Blogs is more universal in that it will trigger notices for ANY blog article.)
  • Content Types are the most useful subscription type on a community site such as ours, as notices are sent regardless of who creates the item. (More on content types below.)
  • Categories would be subscriptions connected to smaller groupings of some content type.

What follows is a brief overview of the names given to content types on this site and their purpose:

  • Blog entryBlog articles are grouped together within an online journal under the author's name, with the intent for long-term publication.
  • Book page – A Book page is always linked in a tree-like structure to related content using a parent/child relationship. Another distinction for Book pages is the automated display of links to adjacent pages, providing a simple navigation system for organizing and reviewing structured content. Our Glossary is an example of a Book.
  • Project Page – These pages are used to showcase work we have done in the past. Keep in mind someone may subscribe to notices about all such pages, or only a specific item to track what sort of feedback others say about it.
  • Links – These contain our reciprocal links and other web resources we wish to share with others.

Beneath most content on the site, a link to establish Subscriptions may also be found. This would create notices for updates to that particular item.

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